*Ayurvedic Rituals and Self Love Yoga

Did 2018 leave you depleted, exhausted or maybe in an unclear direction? We have created 3 workshops for the first 3 months of 2019 to support you in incorporating self love into your daily existence. Our intention behind these three workshops is to support you in finding ways to nourish and replenish your whole self and maybe stave off some of that depletion that we experience towards the end of next year. We will explore a variety of non-toxic and mindful rituals rooted in; Ayurvedic Medicine, yoga, plant-based nourishment, non-toxic skin care, Yoga Nidra and so much more. You will leave each workshop with physical tools as well to support you as your incorporate them into your daily practices. Plus, there a whole team of us leading these workshops providing you an opportunity to meet other wellness professionals here in Helena. Come join us, bring your buddy and let's have fun as we find ways to pause in the midst of the busy.

1.) Ayurvedic Rituals and Self Love Yoga with Caitlin McWilliams Sunday, January 6th, 11 - 1pm Join Caitlin for mindful movement, breath and the creation of a personal intention for what you want to bring into your life in 2019. We will explore Ayurvedic traditions that will help guide you in finding balance and taking mindful pauses throughout our busy days. We will close our workshop with the practice of Yoga Nidra. From this workshop, you will go home with a recorded copy of our Yoga Nidra practice along with a clarity of what you want your year to bring you and how you can support yourself in the process. We will get to sip on golden milk, sample kichari and take home a lemon. None of that make sense to you? Just join us for an adventure!

2.) Plant-Based Self Love with Jessica Peterson and Caitlin McWilliams Sunday, Feb 10th at 11 - 1pm Join us and learn how plants can be used to support your nervous system and immunity. We will make tea and bath mix together that you will take home with you and learn from Jessica how each of the plants included supports your nervous system. Caitlin will also lead you through accessible mindfulness rituals you can work into these acts of self love to increase the benefits without adding another thing to do on your list. We will close with some nourishing Yoga Nidra and you will leave with plant-based tools and rituals to bring self love into your home.

3.) Non-Toxic Make-In with Reagen Lozar and Caitlin McWilliams Saturday, March 2nd, 6 - 8pm Join us for a girls' night and instead of a make over, let's do a make-in! This time together will be less about what makes us look good to the outside world and more about what feels good to our inside world. We will start our time with some grounding yoga routines we can work into our nightly rituals that will be accessible to all levels. Reagen will then walk us through a series of nourishing night time routines for our face including a non-toxic face mask. So wear your pjs and invite that sweet friend(s) who you wish you could have a slumber party with and we will provide the tucked in, silly but also nourishing fun! Oh, and you will leave with a goodie bag!

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Caitlin McWIlliams: Caitlin McWilliams, MS, E-RYT, is a Yoga Therapist/Teacher who uses the physical, intellectual and spiritual practice of yoga to process trauma, lift out of depression, and balance anxiety. She has practiced yoga for over 15 years and taught in studios throughout Washington DC, Denver, CO and now Helena, MT. She has run her own non-profit providing yoga and wellness services to vulnerable populations, has a Masters in Community Development, and is halfway through her Masters in Social Work. In the summer of 2016, she co-founded Free Range Yoga Project taking yoga outside in the beautiful summers of Montana. In conjunction with her weekly Flow Yoga class on Monday nights, she leads Yoga for Anxiety, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Chakra Clearing Yoga series along with Yoga for Depression, New Year, New Intention and Goddess Yoga workshops. She co-leads an annual Self-Care Retreat for Women during the Fall in Boulder, MT and works with individual clients to help them tailor yoga tools to support their mental health needs. She has completed a number of advanced trainings in healing modalities including LifeForce Yoga. Street Yoga, Yin Yoga, Thai Yoga Therapy, Reiki I and II, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra trainings. She continues to pursue tools for applying yoga for mental health and well-being. www.caitlinmcwilliams.com

Jessica Peterson: Jessica received her massage therapy education at the Massage Training Institute in Kalispell, Montana. She has been practicing yoga for 15 years, and has been a runner for 22 and has been a student of the body her whole life. Jessica also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Socio-Economics, along with certifications in Gracious Space Facilitation and Permaculture Whole Systems Design. Overall she believes that the ability to heal and regenerate community and earth begins with our ability to heal and regenerate ourselves personally. Jessica’s massage practice at The Lotus streamlines with our Integrated Approach to Therapy. Her gifts to that effect are encompassed in her company and her brand, Wild Willow Wellness. Wild Willow brings together her knowledge and practices of massage therapy, community herbalism, and urban permaculture here in Helena. Her massage specialties are Swedish relaxation and deep tissue massage, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), and the incorporation of Hot Stones into most sessions. Her oils and creams are organic, handmade, and infused with herbs from her organic garden. www.wildwillowwellness.com

Reagen Lozar:

January 6, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Upstairs Studio
40 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59601 US
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Event Prices:
$45.00 - Self Love Series
$25.00 - Al a Carte