Mindfulness Meditation: Harvesting the Heart


Mindfulness Meditation: Harvesting the Heart
The seasonal change of Autumn signals our body to slow down and balance the dark and light within us.  
It is a perfect time to integrate the meadow of our heart. A friendly reminder to celebrate what has been cultivated, have gratitude for our opportunities of growth and hold ourselves with deep care and compassion as we navigate the rhythm of life. Mindfulness as a practice, invites a new perspective to come into our vision. It is a reframing of our emotional and thought-based habits, bringing them to light and letting be.

Join us for a weekend of Mindfulness Meditation - a beautiful walk through the vast field of awareness - learning meditation techniques, present day neuroscience information, self-compassion and trusting in silence.

A weekend exploring the ancient teachings of mindfulness meditation presented with modern day neuroscience data and lifestyle reinforcements. Our lives are full! We are navigating our work/life/family balance plus our own personal environment.

 At times, our present life conditions can be filled with emotions, thoughts or stressors that leave us feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced. Mindfulness meditation as a practice can support a state of ease through simple yet effective meditation techniques. As a lifestyle, mindfulness can be infused daily through present moment connection in any activity.


Friday, September 19th Evening: 6-9pm Meet and Greet Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Short Guided Practice 

Saturday, September 20th: 9-4:30pm Check-in • Mindfulness of the Body Practice: eating, walking, lying down and working with sensations. • Mindfulness of Feelings Practice: feeling tones and emotions 

Sunday, September 21st: 9-3:30pm Check-in • Mindfulness of Mind Practice: awareness/mindfulness through meditation • Self-Compassion Meditation Practice: Guided Meditation • Closing Circle: How to take home

The weekend will be held mainly in silence. There will be ample time for dialogue, Q&A, mindful movement plus journaling


Kat Boehm’s exploration of Yoga started in 1996, with her first class at a local fitness facility. Excited and fascinated with this new approach, she continued to expand her practice in her teacher’s basement. Her interest was piqued, realizing the depth these systematic teachings offer and went to India for her 1st teacher training in 2000. She has enthusiastically broadened her knowledge of movement, anatomy and Yoga through numerous trainings, workshops and certifications. Kat firmly believes that the body is meant to move. Moving the body regularly with supportive, functional alignment as well as varied exercises will cultivate a state of confidence and create health and well-being at any stage of life.


While in India, Kat discovered and began sitting silent retreats. She has spent time in India, Burma and the United States on extended silent retreats with renowned teachers in different Buddhist lineages. Kat constantly evolves and deepens her practice of mindfulness meditation through study, retreats and the continual support of her teachers and community of practitioners. The practice of meditation is a gradual process towards the mind’s natural state of clarity and ease. It is a practice that requires care and curiousity, developing a compassionate understanding of our human life and the possibility to live with awareness and contentment.


Kat rides her bike, eats dark chocolate, spends time with her husband, cat, friends, as well as in nature to enjoy the simple yet delightful aspects of daily life!

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September 20, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Downstairs Studio
40 Hibbard Way
Helena, MT 59601 US
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September 21, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Downstairs Studio
40 Hibbard Way
Helena, MT 59601 US
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September 22, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Downstairs Studio
40 Hibbard Way
Helena, MT 59601 US
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Event Price: $258.00
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