Yoga Bands, Balls and Bliss-Happy, Healthy Feet...

These workshops are ideal for students looking to learn strategies to address their daily stress, aches, and pains through relaxation and pain management techniques using self-massage, as well as yoga-inspired poses and movements using resistance bands. Each workshop will take you on a journey through your “body blind spots” to awaken and rejuvenate your tired and sore muscles, and to restore your nervous system to a place of balance and ease.


May 16th-17th, 2020

Whole Weekend $199 before Apr. 4th | $239 after Apr. 4th

Individual workshops $59 before Apr. 4th | $69 after

Sat, 9-11:30a – Happy, Healthy Feet and Hips

Sat, 1:30-4:00p – Shoulder and Neck Effervescence

Sun, 9-11:30a  – Redefine Your Spine: Curves, Spirals, and Undulations

Sun, 1:30-4:00p – A Voyage Into Inner Space: Self-Massage, Conscious Breathing, and Yoga Nidra for Profound Relaxation


Happy, Healthy Feet and Hips

Most of us spend a large portion of our days wearing shoes that don’t allow our feet to move in all the ways they need to feel good. Stiffness, pain, and soreness all the way up the leg is a common result. Your feet and hips require your loving attention. Learn how to better care for them by learning an array of variable loading strategies using blocks, blankets, resistance bands, and therapy balls. Positively influence your foot health, as well as their influence all the way up to the spine. If you have sore feet and hips, this workshop will give you dozens of techniques you can use daily to rejuvenate your legs and give them the care they deserve.

Shoulder and Neck Effervescence

Do you feel like you carry your to-do list in your shoulders and neck? Or, no matter how much stretching you do, certain areas feel tight all the time? Chronic tightness is often your body’s request for change. The good news is when it comes to movement, the positive effects of change can sometimes be felt immediately, especially when we address deficits in our “movement diet” and start introducing “load nutrients” our bodies need for deep support and balance. In this workshop, you will use therapy balls to soothe stiff, under-contacted regions around your shoulders and neck. Next, we will load our shoulders in dynamic, multi-planar patterns of movement with the help of resistance bands. Walk out feeling the effervescence of having moved in ‘all the ways’ your shoulders crave and having strengthened the deep stabilizers of your neck.

Redefine Your Spine: Curves, Spirals, and Undulations

Today yoga postures are often practiced in rectangular rooms on rectangular mats. It’s easy to forget that, unlike the flat surfaces and perfectly straight lines of our external environment, we are indelibly wave-like, curvy, and spiraled. ?In this workshop, you’ll break free from grid-like movement and free your body of the rigidity and tension those repetitive patterns create. Get ready to explore movement in curving, spiraled, and undulating arcs. Beginning with self-massage using Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, we’ll unwind tension along the spine. Then, with the enhanced sensory awareness of the body’s central axis of movement, we’ll explore a variety of yoga postures, interdisciplinary movements, and somatic practices that help you reclaim fluid movement from your spine to your extremities.

A Voyage into Inner Space: Self-Massage, Conscious Breathing, and Yoga Nidra for Profound Relaxation

Voyage deep into inner space, creatively engage with your breath and brain through self-massage and the external feedback of resistance bands and props. Explore the physiology of feeling through application of multimodal sensory feedback. Through various self-massage practices, we will unbind the muscles of the rib cage, upper back, shoulders, and abdomen and find freedom for the shape change required to breathe buoyantly. Partake in somatic practices to enhance strength, control, and capacity for volume change within the various breath abodes. Finally, drop in deeply to a state of relaxed awareness through a guided practice of yoga nidra. This workshop will help you shed the stresses of your day-to-day life, and renew your sense of innate peace, steadiness, and ease.

May 16, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Upstairs Studio
40 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59601 US
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Event Prices:
$59.00 - Al a carte | by 4/4 (by check)
$69.00 - Al a carte | after 4/4 (by check)
$61.00 - Al a carte | by 4/4 (online)
$71.00 - Al a carte | after 4/4 (online)
$199.00 - All Workshops | by 4/4 (by check)
$239.00 - All Workshops | after 4/4 (by check)
$205.00 - All Workshops | by 4/4 (online)
$245.00 - All Workshops | after 4/4 (online)
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